Our purpose is to create new life opportunities in favor of the most vulnerable and in need people.

We strive to create development opportunities for people in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations, through comprehensive assistance that provides them with the tools they need to enjoy a dignified life, free from discrimination or abuse. We take this work beyond our national borders through projects in Southeast Asia and West Africa.

West Africa: Côte d’Ivoire

In collaboration with the “Femmes de Salem” Association established in West Africa, we support a program aimed to prevent and protect the most vulnerable: children. Thanks to their nursery school, many children grow up in a healthy and safe environment. Through our lines of collaboration, we directly support the fight against trafficking in this country.

Southeast Asia

We are present in regions with an elevated percentage of child population in slavery or at risk of it, without access to education, or any other way of life improvement. In this region we support a center that offers a safe and efficient alternative amid a vulnerable and adverse reality.